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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is CramTutor?

We are an independent student-run company based in Otago. Our goal is to provide students with the study resources that they deserve: we offer original practice exam booklets and private tutoring tailored to each course. Since our launch, we have helped over 2,000 students study for Commerce, Health Science, Law and more.

How does CramTutor differ from other tutoring services?

Our famous study booklets! There is truly no other study resource like it. Our booklets feature original practice questions and solutions to foster and solidify the understanding of key concepts and materials from lectures. Because that's the best way to prepare for an exam after all.

Don't pay more for the notes you already have (from other tutoring companies)!

Study Booklets

So what exactly are in these booklets?

Each booklet has a unique structure and may contain a mixture of MCQs, short-answer, and long answer questions (depending on the course) as well as a complete set of answers that will cement your understanding. Rather than summarising your university notes, we have created questions  that revise this material.

Tell me more about your eBooks?

Our eBooks contain the exact same content as our printed books, but can only be viewed  online. IMPORTANT: Our eBooks are only compatible with Gmail Accounts as they are linked to Google Drive. Unfortunately, our eBooks cannot be saved onto your computer or third-party apps (like annotation software), or printed out at home. They can, however, be stored offline in your Google Drive folder.

Our eBooks are manually shared by one of our team members and make take up to 24 hours to process. Please check your junk folder if your eBook has not turned up within 24 hours before contacting us.

Why do I need a Gmail Account to access your eBooks?

In order to restrict the sharing of our eBooks, they are only compatible with Gmail addresses within Google Drive. This is to protect our content and ensure that we can continue providing quality up-to-date resources for Otago students. We also offer printed booklets!

Can I have a sample of your booklets?

Check out the sample questions that are available on our individual product pages! Click the button at the bottom of this page!

Do your booklets cover all of the topics?

We have aimed to make our booklets as comprehensive as possible and have tried to include the most important topics for assessment revision! Our booklets have been designed as a supplementary tool, alongside your notes and lecture materials.

Private Tutoring

Where are private tutorials held?

You and your tutor will agree on the location of a private tutorial to fit your needs and schedule. In person tutorials are offered on campus at the univesity, so they are always accessible and nearby. Tutorials may also be held on Zoom if required.

Can I bring friends to the tutorial?

Yes, you can book tutorials for upto three people! The more people in the tutorial, the cheaper it is per person. For the exact rates, please head over to book your tutorial through the button below.

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